Ludo Alternatives and Similar Types of Board Games

Ludo Alternatives: Do you know you can spend your free time playing your favorite board games and generate a passive income? In fact, you can make it big by winning competitions held worldwide. Yes! It is possible due to the advent of new mobile gaming apps mimicking the most popular board games.

The latest trends in online mobile gaming suggest that India is becoming the biggest hub to tap for the top game developers. The inclusion of AI and other new trends make mobile board games better and more interactive. Trusted game-developing companies are aiming to provide exclusive services to fans with tournaments and prizes.

Ludo is one such board game that has been standing tall through the test of time. This board game has been digitized in the form of mobile applications. You can play the Ludo game Paytm cash and enjoy the thrill of killing opponents’ tokens on the board. In the same context, what other games can you play and win prizes? Wait no more; you will find the list of those games fabricated for you.

Ludo Alternatives

List of Similar Online Ludo Alternatives Games

  1. Speed chess

Who does not love to play speed chess and strategize every move? A chess app connects you with a player where you can show your mastery of this game. This board game is a brilliant alternative to Ludo. You can download and play this game with anonymous players and make a good deal out of it. The rules are similar to the international guidelines of speed chess. It is also known as Blitz, a fast-paced version of traditional chess. Find a trusted source, download this game, and enjoy the winnings. Once you have downloaded the application, learn the rules first. Start developing your skills and master the game. Chess fans often participate in online competitions on the leading applications and win prizes.

  1. Snakes and ladders

Remember the time when we used to play Snakes and Ladders with our friends and family? Those were the days we waited eagerly to start playing this board game. You will be happy to know that your childhood thrill is now available as a mobile game app. You can download this app and can play with known or unknown players. The rules are simple and similar to the conventional version of this game. All you have to do is roll, die, and take your token to the end, avoiding the snakes and using the ladders. The thrill of landing on a ladder or a snake is what will make your day better. You can play this game with your friends, family, and even unknown players across the world by downloading an application on your smartphone. Check the authenticity of the source, and that’s it! Participate in tournaments and competitions held online to win prizes.

  1. Monopoly

Monopoly is available as mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. The fun remains the same when you play this board game with your friends and family. You can either create a personalized room or can play with anonymous players. The rules are simpler to grasp to enjoy healthy competition with other players. You will have to roll a die and use the outcome to make your moves on the Monopoly board. Your fate will depend on the box you land. You can buy, sell, and even rent boxes when other players land on your property. You can even land in jail and might lose everything!

  1. Word game

Commonly known as Scrabble, this a word game where players get a set of alphabets in the beginning. A board is set for this game where you can set the letters to form words and score points. The game is very simple and enjoyable for kids and adults. It also imparts a learning session for all the players. The players combine the letters to form possible words and score. The position of the letters on the squares of the Scrabble board delivers the points. Letters that are difficult to make words with, like Z, X, Y, and Q, carry more points. This word game needs 2 to 4 players. Make sure you can score more by targeting the colored squares that carry higher points than the normal ones. This game is so interesting that it often comes with a Scrabble dictionary to solve disputes related to new words created by players.

  1. Backgammon

Considered one of the oldest board games in the world, Backgammon dates back 5000 years. It is a two-player game involving a board and a set of 15 checkers for each. These checkers move around 24 alternately-colored triangles. These triangles are divided into four quadrants. A player will use a die to roll and move his checkers accordingly. The prime aim of a player is to counter the moves of the opponent and move all the checkers off the board first. The simplicity of this game offers immense possibilities in formulating exclusive strategies delivering fun and thrill to the players. You can download this game as an app on your mobile and connect with known and unknown players for a challenge. Learn to make smart moves and become a Backgammon master in no time.

Have fun with these board games!

Just like Ludo, these games are fascinating to play online. The definition of thrill for each of these mobile board games is unique. Why wait, then? Download Ludo and these games to enjoy the excitement of playing with known and unknown players.

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