Water Sort Jigsaw for PC

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The Water Sort Jigsaw Games is a kind of water connect puzzle 📱,
which is a relatively classic games and interesting brain-burning color-switch game. 💪 💪The gameplay mechanism in the water sort game is very simple. 🤞 If you are a happy glass player, maybe you will like this puzzle as well. All you need to do is completing the water connect by color.

😀Features of Game 😀
🧊1. Want to find the best games 2021? Then this water sort puzzle is suitable for puzzle games players.

🧊2. A large number of water connect puzzle levels, simple color-switch gameplay like ball sort games.

🧊3. It’s easy for people liking water color to immerse themselves in it, experience fun water sort puzzle brain games, and feel the achievements after each level of the color match cartoon.

🧊4. Solve various color filled problems in the water connect puzzle.

😀Highlights of Game😀
Brain games players need to pour water of different colors into the cup, and finally put each color filled cup in the same color to complete the water connect puzzle. The operation process of the water color game is very simple liking ball sort color games. Click the cup and then click another. The sorting is a headache for water connect puzzle players. If you like ball sort puzzle games, then try this game!

Water Sort Jigsaw is a simple and addictive water connect puzzle game! Your next task is to sort the colored water in the glass cup until all the colors in the cup are the same.

😀 How to play😀
• Tap and hold any happy glass to pour coloring water to another happy glass .
• You can only pour the water color if there are enough space on the cup.

You can enjoy Coloring Water Sort Jigsaw at your own pace! Best games 2021 in your area!

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