Download Bluestacks 4 – Bluestacks for PC Windows XP/7/8/10 and Mac

Download Bluestacks: Technology is getting advanced on the basis of seconds. As a result, one may expect to go through a short cut and latest ways in order to make your task easy. Similarly, the introduction of Bluestacks is one such example. It has proved itself to be a versatile program that contributes in bridging the existing gap between desktop and mobile phones.

Bluestacks for PC has enabled users to run their preferred Android apps like hike, whatsapp, zapya and many more android app on their computer that comprise of Windows or Mac OS. It is a highly innovative feature that will permit you to push apps ahead your PC towards Bluestacks and vice versa. Founded in 2011 for the purpose of pushing boundaries of the mobile ecosystem, presently more than 120 million guys are taking this app into usage.

Download Bluestacks 4

It has proved to be a highly unique platform that helps in combining digital and traditional channels for advertising. Some highlighted features in association with the same that has forced us to download Bluestacks include the following are:

  • Ability to launch multiple apps in a single chance through various browser tabs
  • Easy to run gaming apps along with messaging apps in a simultaneous manner
  • Availability of new toolbar that comprises of mimic features along with sensors

You can easily alter screen orientation as per desire, copy Windows files with ease and even shake emulator with due ease. If you are a great fan of playing games, then with the help of Bluestacks you may easily run your most preferred high-end mobile games on a computer as it will have more space.

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Technical Requirements to Download Bluestacks

File Version BlueStacks App Player 4.50.5
File Name: BlueStacks 4
File size 284 MB
Requirements All languages
License Freeware
Developer Bluestack Systems Inc. (official
Last Updated March 26, 2018

Additional Features of Bluestacks for PC

lso, with the help of such an application, you can turn a Microsoft Surface to an Android tablet.  Additional features that have led towards rising popularity of Bluestacks for PC include the following:

  • As it is an Android app, you may easily discover some of the highly popular apps that are available all around the globe.
  • As each and every game gets launched into a new tab, it is possible to switch from one app to another without facing any difficulty.
  • Earlier, you were supposed to conclude your chat sessions while on the way to play games. But with the introduction of Bluestacks, you may easily run your chat in progress along with carrying on the chat session.
  • After you are complete with download Bluestacks, you need not get trained from someone to run it. The features are so easy, that you can easily run it on your own.

Download Bluestacks

It is possible to resize the screen, switch from one app to another and much more.

Bluestacks for PC has enabled enhancing the storage capacity. It can be easily made out that storage space is directly proportional to the number of apps that has been installed. Though this feature is available in fresh installs, still it is possible to get through by upgrading the previous version.

The availability of a large number of improvements along with bug fixing feature will allow apps to run in a seamless manner. Also, the inclusion of chat functionality on left hand side will enable you to chat while playing your most desired app. Each and everything as simple in terms of pointing along with clicking!

The settings menu included in Bluestacks will enable you to customize easily certain options that were not possible earlier. You need not pay a single penny as soon as you plan to download Bluestacks for your Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 PC. Thus, it is high time to download and experience the new contribution of high technology.

You need to log on to Google to get this app. All you need is an uninterrupted internet connection along with basic computer operating skills to get through and enjoy.


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